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Menu Music - Cry of Fear created by insane3004.
A request from several people form the last cry of fear mod... replaces all five songs that can play during the main menu with various songs from cry of fear... the non-creepy ones at least...
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 06/16/12
Released: 06/16/12
Author: insane3004
Publisher: insane3004
File: cof_menu.vpk  
Size: 82.77MB
Tagged: Audio, music, cry of fear,
Last Updated: 06/16/12   Version: 1.0  (Complete)    
This mod seems to cause the music from the jukeboxes to disappear.
You might want to fix that.
Not possible...
The only files included here are the ".wav" and "_pc.mp3" menu music files... which are not affiliated with the jukebox music in any shape, form, or fashion...

Provide me 100% solid evidence that it is not an issue on your end, or a confliction from some other mod... and I will consider fixing an old mod that no one cares about anymore...
There really should be a mod that turns either Nick,Ellis or Coach in to Simon
Seriously ?
No one thought this was a good idea ?
I though about a skin pack that makes Simon Nick, David Ellis, Doctor Purnell Coach, and Sophie Rochelle. Its the perfect skin pack!
This is GREAT! Would love to see some CoF Save Room music too ^^ Both Entering AND Waiting sometime. Again, thank you!
Nice sound Not to loud or to quiet
i love to use this but my resident evil background mess the sound up :(
the music is very great for this game but for some reason this sound in very low volume for me compared with the default menu music, can somebody tell me what's wrong?
I probably just to just make the music louder...
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