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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Vashts1985 Deagle
Vashts1985 Deagle created by A1.
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Version: 1  (Final)
Last Updated: 11/23/11
Released: 11/23/11
Author: A1
Publisher: A1
File: vasht-twinkie.vpk  
Size: 8.84MB
Tagged: Weapons, Pistols, magnum,
gun looks great and adds EYE CANDY
i dont know if it has to do with this mod or another but gun seemed a little slow and a little off.
great for what its eye candy intentions were but like i said i did have a probelm with the gun seeming off but idk if it was this mod that caused it or another. ill be reupdating this reveiw once i find the conclussion. until then i give it a 90
-Excellent detail on the Embroidery! -Makes the original Magnum look like soy sauce -Makes me feel fancy & rich!
-Survivors seem to hold it on a slight angle to the right... I may just be seeing things however I don't know.
Best Magnum/Desert Eagle skin out there. Enough said.
awesome better then the original by far
O_O cons should not be here
amazing. a must for any desert eagle lover
* High detailed textures * Scaling is dead on * Animations and movement are smooth and epic to see
* unexpected boners and jizz in your pants
A must have, and is easily worthy to be called Professional
Infinitely better than stock! I actually want to use the D.Eagle now... I giggle every time I reload. I like reloading and that animation is the smoothest one yet. D'at embroidery.
The fact you still can not duel wield Desert Eagles. Just so I can have two of your 'gasm-shooters. Only the golden Sex-Pistol is in the RAR. The plain reskin is amazing and suitable for those who enjoy the realistic aspect.
I love it! I love everything about it! Infinitely better than stock. Just remember to disable all other D.eagle related VPKs (sounds be fine).
Last Updated: 11/23/11 Version: 1  (Final) Views: 27,896
could you make that skin its awesome but i love default anims
Whats that other deagle in the last picture?
i was wondering that myself
Is that not the default?
Because it looks like it.
could you pleaaase make it more bronze, add some little details and reupload it as Steampunk Deagle? this looks stunning

Can you tell me how to install more players then 4?
Sourcemod, brutha.
Easily the sexiest Deagle mod I've ever seen.
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