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Doctor Who created by Splinks.
Reviews (4)
Oh ya....I went there As you can see I have rather been enjoying Staypuft's dalek Mod. So I thought what better way to kill daleks then have the doctor do it for you.
Version: 2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/12/12
Released: 01/12/12
Author: Splinks
Publisher: splinks
File: NICK_The Doctor.vpk  
Size: 16.36MB
Tagged: Survivors, Survivors, Nick,
Good look No issues detailed
Can't see yourself if you play as him No voice mod
A good skin if your gonna skin all your survivors
Model is great Doctor Who fan, now he can help the survivors escape
Nothing so far But needs facial animation
Awesome across the board, but what will make it the awesome: Is Facial Animation. You will get alot of praise if you go back and add facial animation.
Excellent detail Smooth animation with healing etc. Goes well with the other survivors
VERY minor: no voice changes or new dialogue
To be honest this mod is incredible and has great potential. If possible I would like to see voice acting added to replace Nick's dialogue as well as a line or two from the other survivors so he would fit in better. As for getting it done I wouldn't mind doing the voice acting myself if the mod creator asked.
Exact model from Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Very detailed Perfect model
Can't regenerate :( haha
This mod is ABSOLUTELY AMAZNG! I would HIGHLY recommend to ALL fan of Doctor Who so they can play Left 4 Dead playing as the Doctor! I would LOVE to see Rochelle being replayed with Amy. Ellis replaced by Rory and I will be EVEN MORE AMAZED! <3 Keep up the good work!
Last Updated: 01/12/12 Version: 2  (Complete) Views: 32,472
Doesn't suit him. The Doctor is strictly no guns. Doesn't look good on him. Sorry man. Otherwise, great mod and lots of detail ;D
Could you please do the tenth or the ninth? Pleeease?
That would require them to model them. This 11th Doctor model is from the Doctor Who Adventure Games. To my knowledge, there are no PC games with full 9th and 10th Doctor models.
YES YES YES YES!! !@#$ING YES MOTHER !@#$ERS!!! i been waiting for this!
Wow, it's a fantastic mod!
There's a little problem, however: I installed the mod successfully, but when I opened L4D2 and I tried to choose Doctor Who, there wasn't.
What should I do? :(
pretty sure that his names "The Doctor" not "Doctor Who". "Doctor Who" is the show name

P.S. If my nerdiness annoys you, sorry but I cannot hide my nerdiness.
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