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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods M60 reload
M60 reload created by readinisbad4health.
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'Ho! Ho! Ho! I got a machine gun' - John McClane, Die Hard *Add back dismemberment and 1shot kill CI effect + gamemode script will clash with addon such as my 3forall Christmas is here! Now you can reload your accuratized M60, but still cannot be replenish in ammo pile (that needs plugins, sourcemod, metamod and the like). Did anyone post this already? keep seeing this on youtube and no1 give me a dl link Valve uses the AK animation and sound files for the reload before they finished part of the view model, can som1 make an addon for that? I' ll give it a good review ;]
Version: 1.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/12/12
Released: 01/12/12
Author: readinisbad4health
Publisher: readinisbad4health
File: M60 reload.vpk  
Size: 0MB
Tagged: Scripts, gameplay,
it adds 50 extra bullets gives me resverve ammo so i can actually use it longer
like other poeple said try creating your own actual animation other than that it was great
Its really cool i love the m60 one of my favorite weapons in game especially with Gib Fest. but i think mabe in the future try to make ur own animation that would be really :)
Yeah! You can reload the big m60! I have waiting long for this mod!
Hmm.... That invisible from the m60 make me crazy, but this is valve fault!
I give it 100, a great mod! And the invisible shit .. paaa Valve! Lazy Valve!
Nice animation Nice realod
Try it yourself to create custom animations for the M60
I give you 100% beacause i now who still need to complete the work of charging the M60. However, I hope you can do it.
Last Updated: 01/12/12 Version: 1.2  (Complete) Views: 34,310
reload animation isn't good the other side of the M60 isn't rendered(valves fault i guess)

But Some people just dont bother making good animations
not saying that you should make animations i mean other People who made m60 skins

can we have a vid plz?
some m60 skins does have a rendered side like the rpk
There is no texture on the other side because the M60 in l4d2 was never supposed to be abled to reload, its not valves fault!
Disable ANY, and I mean ANY, addons you have, then restart the game.
i cant get it to work :(
If it not work, try download Weapon Script Pack
I only get 200 and i never reload even at 0 it just drops it? help
Sadly you have to disable weapon realism to make this work.
Well, I don't have a weapon's realism mod, but it's still not realoding itself. Can you help me with that, anyone675?
Yes i know it uses the ak reload animation cause on my server it does but it starts you with 1400 rounds on my server and if you do a little trick you can get 50,000 rounds.
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