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L4D1-style Saferoom Music for Each Campaign created by KillzNThrillz/Valve.
L4D1-style saferoom music for the five main campaigns, produced by Valve, mixed by me.
Version: 1.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 12/30/11
Released: 12/30/11
Author: KillzNThrillz/Valve
Publisher: KillzNThrillz
File: l4d1cp.vpk  
Size: 24.41MB
Tagged: Audio,
Last Updated: 12/30/11   Version: 1.0  (Final)    
- L4D style saferooms, always had better music IMO - Some nice mixes in there - Psyches you up
- Not quite enough variety between the campaigns, but a really solid effort
It's nice to see a blend of both l4d and l4d2s saferoom music, as well as adding a few twists yourself. For me this is a must download. Nice work!
Thank for this. I always took l4d1 saferoom music is better sounding than l4d2 ones, and now u mixed it with l4d2. Downloaded right away.
This seems pretty cool! I'll use it!
i like that, and there's a video too, nice work,
Could've At Least Put The Banjos In. =)
its in hard rain
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