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Fox McCloud (Nick) created by 1337gamer15.
Looks like Fox has dowgraded from the laser to the bullet. part of the n64 survivors pack
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/31/12
Released: 01/31/12
Author: 1337gamer15
Publisher: 1337gamer15
File: nick fox.vpk  
Size: 0.83MB
Last Updated: 01/31/12   Version: 1.0  (Complete)    
-I love Star Fox! -Looks EXACTLY like the N64 version
-when playing as him his arm holding the gun looks like a stick and kind of bugged me at the beginning but now I am used to it.
Star Fox is AWESOME thanks for putting this on!
-Starfox! Whoo! -FPS arms. -Works just fine.
-None here.
What more can I say other than another cool skin?
I do remember when furries weren't a bad thing, wait they aren't a bad thing... most of the time... half of the time.... sometimes....
i dont think that furries are a bad thing i think that the people who enjoy it are giving the wrong signles to every one else
Im friends with about, six of em', they are really cool people...except the sexual deviants @_@ that scares me.
I really don't like that term annyway, why can't we just call em anthromorphic animals? I mean look at banjo in my avatar, i grew up with these kind of guys. and rule 34 has really screwed me over just to see your childhood cartoon animals be used for people who are so damn lonely, they can't even get sex appeal from other homo saipens.
yah rule 34 is relly wired i dont relly like it ether
umm theres krystal from starfox? shes part of the team it would be falco, slippy, krystal, and fox :3
being a furry isnt bad i mean im one. im a type that like rich and original story telling each furry is differnent and thats why i like it.....Heck i had this idea for a game for Star Fox fans and Furry lovers to play..StarFox Online, an MMO/Third Person(or first person) Shooter :P
i dont have any thing agenst krystal exept when she arived star fox games sucked! but thats not here falt its more of a coincidence still this is N64 arguably the best platform of all time she didnt come in till the game cube so what are you going on about?
Crazy idea, why not a star fox team? :O
possibly, but putting slippy on rochelle would seem kinda obscure because i always thought slippy was female, but then i found out that he was male the whole time because he is refered to as one in the game. it would further perpetuate his gender distinguishment issues
having Slippy as Ro would kinda make sence since the person that voices that Toad was a Female...same with the 3DS Remake
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