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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Dual Magnums
Dual Magnums created by KillzNThrillz.
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Dual-wield Magnums. Replaces the default pistols (but do Magnum damage), and the Magnum is replaced by the standard pistol. Works online, but only on a local server, and clients who don't have the vpk will not dual wield anything. Excuse the low-polyness of the Magnums, the poly count was too high to be compiled for Source, so I had to cut out a few vertices. Also works with custom anims, just have your custom pistol addon enabled. Juse make sure scripts don't conflict. Thanks to cdrew for custom arm compatibility. For people to join your game, you need to set sv_consistency to 0.
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 04/19/12
Released: 04/19/12
Author: KillzNThrillz
Publisher: KillzNThrillz
File: dualmag.vpk  
Size: 0.58MB
- very fun - support other magnum skins - great for fighting bosses
- forced default animations - still normal pistols in third person
recommended mod for having fun
*Fun idea, gives a new feel to the gameplay as the magnum is so very useful. *keeping 8 shots in each gun gives good balance, not terribly overpowering
*as soon as you pick up a 2nd pistol, it puts both your hands up, and act like there are 2 magnums, but it only shows the one in the right hand, there's nothing in the left. *If you turn on custom magnum skin, as soon as you pick up 2nd pistol it turns back into standard Desert Eagle, and the 1 gun, 1 empty hand thing happens again.
Fun idea, and the reload, clip count and sound all works. Needs scripting fix on custom skins and left hand gun.
-Dual Magnums = The fun has been doubled -Very well done -Right number of rounds in the magazines -This mod supports other magnum skins already installed -Pretty perfect if you want to have fun
-Don't know why, every pistol in the game turns into a magnum (could be a pro, but many people prefer normal pistols .-.)
Just need to fix some very little bugs, overall it's perfect.
Instead Of Starting with a Handgun you auto Start with a magnum. The Ammo For Both Magnums together are at 16 Its Overpowered but then again its a magnum It does the magnum damage.
Whatever pistol you have or had can be combined with any magnum. example another starter handgun from the beginning of the campaign will give you dual magnums. The handgun in general is completely gone so handgun or magnum its still magnum. -0.5 When you combine or dual the magnums the hand overlaps the magnum where it looks like the magnum is glitched or something. -0.5 The 2nd magnum that you pick up you cant see what so ever its just one blank hand to your left and a glitched magnum to the right. -1
This is a good mod and the only mod that actually has the name dual magnums I like using this mod in the game only during single player expert mode but still if you could fix the look of how it is in dual handgun stance it would be perfect.
- Dual Magnum - A lot more fun to use in Thirdperson - Great for fighting SI
- Pistol skin in thirdperson (no biggie) - Hard to differentiate between the magnum and pistol
Just so much fun to use. Though I wish it's easier to find which one that actually lets me dual wield.
Last Updated: 04/19/12 Version: 1.1  (Complete) Views: 46,571
pls fix in da next update
i need help in downloading it doesn't work
it also crashes when i play survival mode
I like this can i share it? I just need permission so pls private msg but i like it.
so, if i want a skin for my magnums while using this mod, do i get a skin for normal pistols or magnums?
It will only replace if your holding only one. Will use default model when dual welding.
@SixX92 - how it forces default animations when it can be clearly seen that on picture L4D1 old anim was used and in description it is said „Also works with custom anims, just have your custom pistol addon enabled.”?
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