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Luna M60 created by Sabre.
Luna M60 ---------------------------------------------
Version: 1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/24/12
Released: 01/24/12
Author: Sabre
Publisher: ThallesNinja
File: luna m60.vpk  
Size: 0.8MB
Last Updated: 01/24/12   Version: 1  (Complete)    
Nice colour, lovely, plain setting, allowing you to view everything on the screen without getting distracted, the symbol is on well too, great mod.
need more my little pony m60s :\
While i love the concept of a Luna themed M60 I do not like the way coloring of this model was handled (though the marking placements are superb)
(...) Speechless. Stop making this colorful weapons. Only noobs download shit like that.
Or bronies.
I dislike this aswell. Bright colorful weapons are made for Team Fortress 2 not L4D2 silly.
inb4 comment deleted by creator.

Also i got a weapon idea, how about a rarity golfclub?
Rarity's Fireruby or a diamond would fit perfectly as a texture on the heavy end of the club.
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