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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Today's Top Mods
Weapons Miscellaneous
03.12.17 Feedback 20
Replaces Katana Enjoy! Credits: Blizzard Entertainment - Model/Texture/So... More >
Author ClearSkyC/zexalyuma
Game Left 4 Dead 2

2 Resident Dead | Gameplay Overhaul
GUI Scripts Mutations
05.29.17 Feedback 0
Fight trough hordes of slow but tough infected. Experience complete overhaul ... More >
Author StarScribe
Game Left 4 Dead 2

3 Groovy shotgun pistols script
Scripts Weapons
05.29.17 Feedback 0
What is this? You might ask, aand well the answer is simple: just shotguns di... More >
Author Jhoshua_Wolfox (a.k.a Enterman)
Game Left 4 Dead 2

4 Talia Al Ghul from Batman: Arkham City (Zoey)
Miscellaneous Survivors
05.27.17 Feedback 3
This will replace Zoey with Talia from Batman: Arkham City. Includes: - FPS... More >
Author hess
Game Left 4 Dead 2

5 Custom Weapon Base
Scripts Weapons
05.19.17 Feedback 17
Enables custom scripted weapons to be used in the Official Campaigns. The ser... More >
Author Rectus
Game Left 4 Dead 2

6 kris vector silenced (hyper beast)
Audio Weapons
05.27.17 Feedback 3
remplasa el the desert rifle More >
Author dario115
Game Left 4 Dead 2

7 Counter-Strike: Source Weapon Unlocker
Scripts Weapons
05.12.17 Feedback 4
Enables the Counter-Strike: Source firearms from the german censored version ... More >
Author Rectus
Game Left 4 Dead 2

8 Wall hack
05.28.17 Feedback 0
makes it so you can see through the walls1/6 More >
Author Uta
Game Left 4 Dead 2

9 CSS Weapon Unlocker
04.01.17 Feedback 25
This a Fixed Verison So dont worry about the M16 ! I hope it works for you a... More >
Author Lt. Rocky/Luimon/Evalia
Game Left 4 Dead 2

10 CrossFire Desert Eagle-Born Beast
07.27.15 Feedback 13
This is Super VIP weapon from CrossFire Replaces Magnum Enjoy! Credits: Sm... More >
Author ClearSkyC/zexalyuma
Game Left 4 Dead 2

Today's Top Left 4 Dead 2
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
05.09.17 Feedback 53
This is a full fledged campaign modeled after the original L4D campaigns. Som... More >
Author Blade x64
Game Left 4 Dead 2

2 Deathcraft II
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
11.05.12 Feedback 1,922
2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last... More >
Author Special KBS/Splinks/Mojang/C418
Game Left 4 Dead 2

3 Road To Tower
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
05.27.17 Feedback 43
A five map campaign Finish the tower if you can Customization: For those th... More >
Author Lumiere/亮晶晶
Game Left 4 Dead 2

4 Escape From Toronto L4D2
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
05.26.17 Feedback 31
Our survivors must escape the Great white north by going thru the city of Tor... More >
Game Left 4 Dead 2

5 Back to school
6 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
01.19.13 Feedback 710
The storyline offer new setting of Borden city, struggling to survive in an e... More >
Author [email protected], romasm
Game Left 4 Dead 2

6 City 17 (l4d2)
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
06.30.10 Feedback 453
Fight your way through the City 17 from the very bottom of the town to the tr... More >
Author Mixmedia
Game Left 4 Dead 2

7 Complex Course
6 Maps Co-Op Survival
05.04.17 Feedback 164
UPDATE: This campaign now has 6 maps with a new additional map: AI. Basically... More >
Author Raze
Game Left 4 Dead 2

8 Yama
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
12.20.12 Feedback 896
A 5-map campaign set in various locations throughout Japan. Survivors start i... More >
Author the0rthopaedicsurgeon
Game Left 4 Dead 2

9 The Parish Beta: Waterfront (WIP)
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
05.04.17 Feedback 67
The Parish Beta: Waterfront is a L4D2 campaign that restores the hidden and g... More >
Author Mr. Sangheili
Game Left 4 Dead 2

10 Resident Evil 3
7 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
05.02.17 Feedback 360
I speak spanish and some english Things you have to know: -I changed the n... More >
Author Roku
Game Left 4 Dead 2

Improved Bots (Advanced)
By Dziggy
Updated: 05/18/13
This addon makes several changes to bots to make them act more like human players and make them more reliable as teammates. They can use melee weapons, rescue you if you die, react quicker to a teammate being attacked by a special infected and much more. 

Note: While this addon does improve the bots, it doesn't make them perfect. There is no way for me to fix every issue with the bots, but I have improved them in the areas that are possible. I realize they still aren't ideal teammates. 

• Allows you to play versus, surivial, scavenge and realism modes in single player with bots. 
• Bots can use melee weapons. (Can be toggled) 
• Bots will continue to play after you have died instead of ending the game. 
• Bots will react much faster to a player being attacked by a special zombie. 
• Bots can perform some simple actions, such as closing safe room doors. 
• Bots will move around a player instead of shooting through them. 
• Bots are much more likely to save their first aid kits for a player. 
• Bots will try to stay in a tighter group with the player. 
• Control the bots with a few commands. (Press ALT) 
• Easily change the map and game mode while in-game. (Press F1) 
• Easily take control of another bot anytime during a game. (Press F2) 
• Easily change the difficulty of the game at any time. (Press F3) 
• Teleport bots back to you if they get lost or stuck. (Press ALT) 

• Works for all official game modes. 
• This addon overwrites binds for keys: ALT, F1, F2, F3, F5, F6 
• Scripts in your autoexec.cfg file will overwrite this addon's settings, if you want to set custom binds. 
• Using bot commands will block Steam achievements for the rest of the campaign you're playing. 
• The bot commands won't work on unofficial maps unless they're started through the console. 
• Console commands if you don't have F-keys: bots_radial, maps_radial, char_radial, diff_radial 
• Other console commands: cycle_chars, bots_toggle_move, bots_toggle_fire 
• This version of the addon is ideal for single player. 

I try to offer quick support for all of my addons. If you have any issues or questions, please post a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.
Changelog (v3.0 Complete)
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