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Desert Storm Tactical HK Pistols UNSILENCED
A re-texture for Arby's HK Pistols,Unsilenced Version. General Icarus - Retexture, Phong Setting Edits, Normals Arby26 - Derived the SOCOM from Seph's USP,anims,rigging,sound edit K1CHWA - Base Textures Mateoski. - Sounds rb26 - Compile
Version: 1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/05/12
Released: 03/05/12
Author: General Icarus,Arby26,Seph,K1CHWA,Mateoski.,rb26
Publisher: General Icarus
File: desert storm hk pistols.vpk  
Size: 13.85MB
Tagged: Weapons, Pistols,

Last Updated: 03/05/12   Version: 1  (Complete)    
+ Beautiful animation. + High quality model. + Nice textures.
- None.
Very good work, 10/10. Enough said.
I like these allot (and the silenced versions) BUT those sight lights don't match and it bugs me bad! I mean to me they seem too bright and second one is slightly blue, the other bluey green - doesn't seem right!

Small issue I know but if you could change that I would be amazing!
l4d2 rocks!
Its so awsome
Your not alone
Can you make this for Left 4 Dead? It would be great to have this mod for Left 4 Dead.
As of now, I am still learning on compiling models and porting them to other games, so I suggest asking other people to do that for you.
But really... I played with this mod on several maps... original and addons and bots just doesyn't defent themselfs. i know its sound ridicolous but i have that particular problem.
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