Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Left 4 Dead 2 : Pyro (Coach)
Tagged Survivors Coach Miscellaneous Gaming coach pyro.vpk
Updated: 03/07/12
Hudduh Hudduh Huh! Mmph here is pyro at last! You may be wondering why didn't i put him on Rochelle? Well thats because i'm kinda sick of this whole conspiricy theory on pyro being a woman. Because according to concept art, Pyro is an Old Man. FPS arms are taken from the axe viewmodel. Show More
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First things first thx to IlGropple that he made Soap as Ellis. Ive waited 4 it a long time. The survivor mod has done so the soundpack has do...
Author Activision/BarisTheBlade
Game Left 4 Dead 2
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Today i bring you the SCAR-L, it will replace of course the Desert Rifle which is the other Scar or whatever it's called, it comes with custom...
Author Twilight Sparkle, HyperMetal, DICE
Game Left 4 Dead 2
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--Replacing the Pumpshotgun-- --contains custom hud icon-- --Contains custom sounds. Uses Autoshotgun boltback/boltforward sound-- --Uses D...
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The full description of the mod is in the changelog. To view it, click the icon in the top-right corner of the preview images above. This mod...
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Adds a lot of Custom Mutations created by me and others. The main-menu has been edited so all Mutations can be created via lobbies, and can b...
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Replaces most of the default music and concert with Luka. Feel free to comment or message me if you think a track should be changed or if you...
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A new m14 i made 2 days in the making. replacement for the hunting rifle or ruger mini-14 rifle original model- sadow anims- arby26 rigging- ...
Author deathshadow/arby26
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And now from the Russian team, here is the Assault, he will replace Francis and he also comes with custom arms and VGUI as well, probably goin...
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The G2A4 Rifle will replace the Hunting Rifle, but it use the same animations from Krycek on the Longbow Sniper, it also comes with custom sou...
Author Twilight Sparkle, Krycek, Respawn
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AK-47: The Rifle of the BEAST! The Beastly edition of the AK-47 from the free-to-play Counter-strike clone Crossfire. Something tells me this ...
Author Lt. Rocky; Natko
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First of all thank arby26's animation.This is a Crysis2 hammer Replace the Desert Eagle. Ps:The problem of the hand has been fixed. Update: I ...
Author Rinduty,arby26.
Game Left 4 Dead 2
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Default buttons used are G,Z,X,C,V,B,N,M. G selects your character (you must choose who you are before using N button). N has character specif...
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