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Eranthis' Tip Graphics created by Eranthis.
Hand drawn safehouse graphics for level completion results. Also includes one completed Infected versus team image. Minigraphics will be next followed by versus graphics.
Version: 1.1  (Beta)
Last Updated: 05/26/12
Released: 05/26/12
Author: Eranthis
Publisher: EranthisAconite
File: mod_tipgraphic_beta.vpk  
Size: 0.5MB
Tagged: GUI,
Last Updated: 05/26/12   Version: 1.1  (Beta)    
Why is one of your friends username is "His Own Balls and Scrotums"? xD
Pretty nice designs I loved the new infected images It gives the game a little change, nice.
Nothing really important
I liked it. In fact i liked all your stuff Eranthis, you're an artist, nice.
- Damn nice drawings. - Coach looks badass in that pic. - L4D2 SI for the kills the most special infected panel.
- You crazy?
Eranthis you are one talented artist, you have my downloaded!
When ever you make a mod I always look at it and say to my self "This guy is awsome" and I always end up using your mods, there well made and better than vavles crappy art, most of my mods are yours. Thank you for moddign for us, you have my download.
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