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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Urik Game Menu (with Rayman's Mutation Mod)
Urik Game Menu (with Rayman's Mutation Mod) created by Urik_Kane, Rayman1103.
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Includes Rayman's Mutation Mod. Note: ingamemainmenu (pause menu) modifications don't work in this version. It's unknown why.
Version: 1.98  (Complete)
Last Updated: 07/11/14
Released: 02/06/14
Author: Urik_Kane, Rayman1103
Publisher: Urik
File: urik game menu + rayman mutation mod updated 1.98_41.1.vpk  
Size: 4.59MB
Tagged: Mutations, GUI, Menus,
awesome! adds so much more functionality to L4D!
the other people have to have it too, but that's expected.
If you only get one mod, it should be this one. btw, is there a list anywhere of what all the mods do? also, what other mods do you recommend using with this one?
-Lets you kick anybody from the lobby as long as your lobby leader. -Makes the menu look a lot better. -Adds new mutations to the game. -You can change your add-ons while in the game.
-Only people with the mod can play the custom mutations with you. (-.1)
It makes the game a whole lot better and adds WAY more features than the regular Left 4 Dead 2.
Last Updated: 07/11/14 Version: 1.98  (Complete) Views: 31,257
yeah, its not working :(
Is anyone else having an issue with the latest version of this mod not even working?
I've got a problem every time we try some of the mutations start glitching, they don't work properly even after turning every other add-on off, usually the timer doesn't work or , that the players are dead upon starting, or that it wont load properly. Is there a way to fix this, should we re-download?
Could you be able to make a version of this that has the mutations mod and is compatible with improved bots advanced?
When I finish any campaign and just as the game stats normally appear it starts to load a new campaign starts to load and all vocal communication cuts out. We often chat while watching the stats. I hope this is a bug and not intentional. As it is, a cant use your mod with this issue.

Is anybody else getting this issue, and what's your opinion of this.
it starts to load a new campaign and all vocal communication cuts out.
Well, it does include modified stats_crawl.txt
May it be the cause of problem, I dunno, but that's the file I would suspect as the cause.
I also don't know what role that file plays in Rayman's mod and if it's connected to functionality of any custom mutations.
You may notify Rayman of the bug.
But if this does never happen with original Rayman's Mutation Mod, let me know.
I was using and am currently using Raymans Mutation Menu regrettably, Not that there anything wrong with his mod, I just prefer your menu. I don't have the issue with a new campaign loading at the point where the stats normally appear with Raymans mod. I'll try removing all VPK's except your menu over the weekend in order to rule out any conflicts and let you know the outcome.
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