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(8 Pack) Neptunia survivors created by UniBlackheart.
06/11/2012- Added incap images and changes the character potraits. goal has been complete..I hope you all enjoy this... Ellis-Neptune Rochelle- Noire Nick- Blanc Coach- Vert Zoey-Nepgear Bill-Uni Francis- Ram Louis- Rom No face posing..Enjoy~ Uni~
Version: 3.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 11/06/12
Released: 11/06/12
Author: UniBlackheart
Publisher: UniBlackheart
File: neptuniafullv3.vpk  
Size: 16.09MB
Last Updated: 11/06/12   Version: 3.0  (Complete)    
- Model are excellent (for Neptunia fan) - Character is cute - The name are correct (except status scene is Himself)
- Blanc hand is glitch - Sometime they need Neptunia enemy rather than zombies - No sound, but matter
I play with this mod but I feel miss something that you (don't) know is Blanc's hand is very bug, I need Dogoo play as enemy rather than zombies, I think zombies with this mod will make waste, Sound character is wonderful to play but no voice, well is matter. I recommend you, Make enemy of Neptunia before someone make it.
you already did hahaha
Everything about this is awesome, except for the cons
Blanc's hands do not render correctly
The onlybad thing is that Blanc's hands are screwed. Other than that, this mod is perfect. Please fix Blanc's hands! Thanks
-The characters are cute -Outfits are cute -Installing is quite easy (for some people who don't know you hove to drag it in to the add-on folder) -Want to hug them all
-The hands kinda glitch with certain mods ( you can choose not to use your gun mods ) -They sound manly! (they need a voice pack which you can get) -These cons aren't even cons
I love this mod! would like to mix it with some weapon mods, but the hands glitch on some of them. I know I hate myself for being selfish, so I sacrificed my gun mods for the characters. This is the type of mod you would like to stare at all day. Well this is my first review so hope this helps.
Addon installer wont place it in folder, had to manually place into addons folder..
Yes, that is what your ment to do with L4DMaps mods.
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