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Concept-Style Louis created by TheIdiot, splinks.
A reskin of splinks' Frank West to look like the a concept art version of Louis (not the beta!). He now has hair and a beard, and wears a brown jacket over a yellow shirt and blue pants. He is also substantially taller and build much differently. Finally, has also has 1st-person arms and (WIP) HUD icons! Take a blast from the past and try him out! Note that this beta is in itself a beta - meaning that it is unfinished. He has no facial animations (which I will not be fixing as I have no idea how) and some parts still need to be redone. It replaces everyone but Louis. Just kidding, it replaces Louis. Seriously.
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 02/11/13
Released: 02/11/13
Author: TheIdiot, splinks
Publisher: stjimmy1144
File: beta_louis.vpk  
Size: 9.58MB
Tagged: Survivors, Louis,
Last Updated: 02/11/13   Version: 1.0  (Complete)    
Anyone else notice how this is just a modified Frank West model?

it looks like the 90s louis lol but you could do with more detale and the beta loius dose not have that hair
-Nicely shaped model -Fits Louis very well -Resembles Beta Louis a lot -Better appearance for Louis
-Textures are too high in detail (-0) -Colours are too bright (-0) -All the racism against Louis (-0) -No mouth gestures (-0.5) -It's only for L4D2 (-1.5) CAN also be for L4D1 but just no first-person viewmodel -Bandage patch is totally misplaced (but I fixed it with a texture remake I've bern working on (-0))
Well overall, this is a very good model, but needs fixing and improvement AND needs to be for Ledt 4 Dead 1 as well. This is definitely better than nothing. A normal Louis reskin does not change much but this with a lot of improvements and tweaking, would make a perfect change. Keep working on this and do not give up
Better den nothing
Hey dude, can you convert this to L4D1 please? I don't play L4D2.
It's for L4D2....see that thing up in the corner? Yeah.
Was I talking to you smartie!? You think I´m some stupid chap who cannot read!?
i hate it when pepole dont look for it beening l4d2 or l4d but i surport you for some resion lol
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