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SCAR-H - C.E.L.L Camo created by Kainzorus Prime/Arby26.
A reskin of ImBrokeRU's SCAR-H, originally ported to L4D2 by Arby26, featuring a C.E.L.L-style hex urban camo. Replaces the AK-47. Features an EOTech sight, magnifier, flashlight, icon and the same soundset as Arby's original port. Credits: ImBrokeRU - Models/UVs, VMTs Crash - Base Textures Zir - VMTs Arby26 - Animations/Compiling/Flashlight Model Teh Strelok - Sounds black-light-studio - Camo pattern
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 02/25/13
Released: 02/25/13
Author: Kainzorus Prime/Arby26
Publisher: Kainzorus Prime
File: cell_scar_h.vpk  
Size: 6.35MB
Tagged: Weapons, Rifles,
Last Updated: 02/25/13   Version: 1.0  (Complete)    
-- Love this series of mod reskins, especially for the SCAR.
-- This... seriously needs to replace the "Desert Rifle". Not the AK-47. -- Breaks mod replacers for AK-47, and M16 oddly.
I think it's been said before, but I would love to see this redone for the actual SCAR itself, instead of the AK-47. I already employed a few mod changes, and would've loved to have used this in my arsenal, but since I already have a good AK-47 model replacer, I can't use this. However, it's a beautiful re-skin, that really fits the style of a post-apocalyptic war gone militant.
-All I can say is . OMG ! IT'S SO COOL .
-I thought it was for the Scar. but its fine .
10 out of 10 !!!!
looks great, but im not agree with the remplacement

PLEASE remplace with the rifle
Looks Epic Realistic Motions Of Gunfire
Replaces AK47 when it should replace desert rifle
Please make it for desert rifle
if only it replaced the scar like it should have in the first place
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