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Zombie Zoey Sounds created by Zakarum.
I've preserved her voice a couple of times and added other effects, so it kinda sounds like she is screaming and making other zombie sounds.
Version: 0.1  (Final)
Last Updated: 10/13/13
Released: 10/13/13
Author: Zakarum
Publisher: Zakarum
File: Zombie Zoey sounds.vpk  
Size: 258.27MB
Last Updated: 10/13/13   Version: 0.1  (Final)    
I dont know what I expected.
Even if I edited it all with real zombie sounds, I wouldn't have enough sound files that would match each length, or match for the lip sync. Where would I get all those zombie sounds files from? If I used to the same sounds it would be too repetitive. I have already replaced all her sounds with these edits, and I made another one before that to get the best out of it. But this was the best sounding of them both. You have to remember that I made these out of the original Zoey sound files. And because of a request. He was happy with the results. I'm not gonna redo it unless there's a good reason. She sounds like a monster, and that was the intention.
yeah no ._.
the idea is interesting, bu ry to use some better suiting sounds ^^
then I'd have to replace every single sound file of her (which is about 4000 sound files) with zombie sounds in the exact same length... I don't think anyone could endure that task. Thanks for the feedback though
@zakarum Dude, i edited all of zoeys sound files for a mod i made, so just suck it up and do it.
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