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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Killing the tank without punching survivors
How to kill the tank without punching survivors
Many people are being overrun/chasing by tanks everytime when they spawn. However. Killing the tank without punching survivors isn't easy. So in this guide. Will help you a little how to kill the tank easily without punching survivors.

Step One: If you heard the music. It means that your whole team will be prepared to kill the tank. As a human player, sometimes they can't see the tank where it goes and it will launch a surprise attack. So be cautious. Campaigns like Hard Rain and Swamp Fever will be difficult to look the tank as a human player.

Step Two: A whole team can bring down the tank. However, if one of your survivor's dead and only three survivors. Sometimes, they can bring the tank down. But in two survivors only. You can't bring the tank down. So all the teammates must stick together to bring the tank down. As a human players. You can perform a circle or any other formation if you heard the music of the tank. Campaigns in Hard Rain and Swamp Fever will also help performing an any formation like this if there's only a tank.

Step Three: As a human players. Look for throwable weapons such as molotovs and bile bomb, except the pipe bombs. This will help you to damage the tank without shooting it. You can shoot the tank if he's on fire. This'll bring it down easily. As a bile bomb. Make sure you throw it to the tank. If you see a violet on him. The zombies will attract and they will attack the tank. You can kill the zombies attacking the tank. But the most important is the tank.

Last Step: If you have a weapon called Grenade Launcher. This will help to slowdown the tank and deal high damage from him. Be careful using that weapon. Because the reload is slow only. If you're using Grenade Launcher to tank. You must find a good spot to shoot him. Be cautious. Sometimes zombies will block your path where you're going and the tank will get close to you.

That's all. Thanks for reading this
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Hidden1 May 2017
Here's an additional tip, for all levels you CAN outrun a tank if your HP is green or at least 40 (even pills effect). But keep in mind once a zombie hit you, you will be slowed down so try focus on cleaning zombies first then the tank. This does not apply on hard rain due to the water (unless you have adrenaline)
Johnny_Dave May 2017
Oh yea? I forgot to add those lines, anyway, thanks