Arctic Refuge

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  • Map
    Let There Be Fight

    This map is a partial remake of the Red Alert 2 map, Let There Be Fight. The reason it is a partial remake is that I decided to add more water and a middle island for more strategic options. There is only 1 entry point into each of the s...

  • Map
    Big Tree Islands

    This is a small 2 player map, with lots of space to build, adequate resources with room to expand around the map, mainly sea and air combat, deep water and large palm trees.

  • Map
    Rampant Wilderness

    Map designed around the Mount Rushmore theme, as I thought most of the props have little or no appearance in the game on Multiplayer maps but really based in the Canadian Forest woodland. Water splits up the flat map with small camp site...

  • Map
    Moscow Madness

    Moscow Madness is a four player symmetrical map with three or four expansion points located in a variety of places nearby. Each base has several points of entry, two by land and two by water. The only way to access the other half of the ...

  • Map
    Oceanside Revisited

    Map based on the original Oceanside map from Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge. It consists of 4 unique asymmetrical islands for base building, a central platform with tech structures and Ore Nodes of strategic value. The map also offers a ch...



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