Arctic Refuge

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    Isolated Island

    Isolated Island is a 2 player map with each player starting with slightly limited building space to encourage expanding. Near each of the starting locations is a third Ore Node located on the third level. There are two oil derricks at t...

  • Map
    Blistering Red Sands

    The map is based on the original Blistering Sands map from the up-and-coming Blizzard's game - Starcraft 2. It consists of one large, highly detailed Mykonos-type island with fully symmetrical sides for balanced gameplay. There are 3 exp...

  • Map
    Rubicon Rising

    This map is a 2v2 player Skirmish map. There's Ore a-plenty and many Oil Derricks to ensure that finances are kept to reasonable levels. The terrain on each side of the river is set at 3 levels, the highest levels are where the player b...

  • Map
    Autumn Island

    Each player starts with 2 ore nodes. There is a quick expansion point near each starting position. There are also plenty of other ore nodes located around the map. There is a tech airfield, vehicle and naval yard to caputure. and also 3...

  • Map
    Let There Be Fight

    This map is a partial remake of the Red Alert 2 map, Let There Be Fight. The reason it is a partial remake is that I decided to add more water and a middle island for more strategic options. There is only 1 entry point into each of the s...



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