Isolated Island

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    Battlebase X

    The idea behind this map was to say that this is part of the fortress that would be the place to hold the Japanese soil that the emperor insisted should be carried around for him, for when he has to visit the fortress. Battlebase X is a...

  • Map
    Dutch Courage

    This map is set in Amsterdam. Each player starts with the usual 2 ore nodes and 1 nearby expansion. There are 4 access points to each of the 4 player positions, 2 by bridge and 2 by water. The only way to manoeuvre naval units around wil...

  • Map
    Mayday II

    My fourth map for Red Alert 3. This map is my concept remake of Red Alert 2's classics "Mayday" - 1v1 battle snow city map perfect for infantry combats due to lots of garrisons around. Still, emphasis is also to be put on navy (a big aqu...

  • Map
    Arctic Circle Redux

    4 players start in a small island while the 2 start in a bigger island. Expansion nodes are located within the lake, near the mountains and in the middle island. Oil derricks are scattered around the map. 2 dry docks for capture to enhan...

  • Map
    Rampant Wilderness

    Map designed around the Mount Rushmore theme, as I thought most of the props have little or no appearance in the game on Multiplayer maps but really based in the Canadian Forest woodland. Water splits up the flat map with small camp site...



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