Siege of Sarajevo

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  • mirza044 (hammerfest83)

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    Watering Hole

    Watering Hole is a four player desert map with an oasis and small town located in the middle. Each player starts off with the usual two ore nodes, and has two nearby expansions, one on water and one on land. Between each player location ...

  • Map
    A Place in the Heavens

    A Place In The Heavens features a new and extended array of units to use including the Tankbusters, Engineers and the IFV Gunner. The Clan choice area is used to select the Clan for your units. This affects the outcome of your units as...

  • Map
    Crimson Passage

    Crimson Passage is a large map made for long 3v3 battles. The map tends to lend towards turtling, although large advantages can be gained by early attacks at the enemies tech structures. Each of the three players begins with two ore-...

  • File
    RA3 Mod BuildStudio

    Red Alert 3 was created using Electronic Art’s (EA) Sage Engine. The Sage Engine utilizes 3DSMax as its main application for creating art. There are 4 main tools that are used in 3DSMax: .W3X Exporter, w3d Skin modifier, w3d utilities...

  • Map
    Grens Tutorial Map

    This is the map I made while creating the Red Alert 3 World Builder tutorial. This tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a map for the very first time from the initial set up parameters through to creating a fi...



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