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Hexalock Lake

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Version 1.0 Final

  • Map
    Isolated Island

    Isolated Island is a 2 player map with each player starting with slightly limited building space to encourage expanding. Near each of the starting locations is a third Ore Node located on the third level. There are two oil derricks at t...

  • Map
    DC Uprising

    DC Uprising is possibly my favourite RA2 map which is why I decided to make it for RA3. This map is good for all vs all matches and each position offers different advantages. Each player starts with the usual 2 Ore Nodes and has 1 nearby...

  • Map
    Iceland Icebergs

    This map was made with 2 vs 2 in mind, but is also suitable for 1 vs 1. Each player will start on the same Island and their team mate, with 2 ore nodes each. There is an expansion ore node near the edges of the right and left islands, an...

  • Map
    Watering Hole

    Watering Hole is a four player desert map with an oasis and small town located in the middle. Each player starts off with the usual two ore nodes, and has two nearby expansions, one on water and one on land. Between each player location ...

  • Map
    Fort Morgan

    Fort Morgan was originally put forward as a suggested Red Alert 3 map by Nocturnal, a forum member on the EA main forums. Having looked at some aerial shots of the historic site in Alabama, I also thought that it could be a good scenario...