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Hexalock Lake

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  • Marc Shallbrook

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Version 1.0 Final

  • Map
    A Place in the Heavens

    A Place In The Heavens features a new and extended array of units to use including the Tankbusters, Engineers and the IFV Gunner. The Clan choice area is used to select the Clan for your units. This affects the outcome of your units as...

  • Map
    Siege of Sarajevo

    This is a 4-player map set in an urban setting. This map is a remake of Yuri's Revenge map Siege of Sarajevo (it's also remake of Kane's Wrath map Sarajevo Battlegrounds). A river runs through the city and separating the map on two parts...

  • File
    RA3 Mission Map Source

    Contains the original map source for all the single player missions in Red Alert 3 - essential for anyone looking to create their own single player missions. This source pack contains the original map.xml, overrides.xml, and some other ...

  • Map
    Rubicon Rising

    This map is a 2v2 player Skirmish map. There's Ore a-plenty and many Oil Derricks to ensure that finances are kept to reasonable levels. The terrain on each side of the river is set at 3 levels, the highest levels are where the player b...

  • Map
    Fight For Survival

    ====== Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Map ====== * 2 Player Skirmish Map * 2 Observation Towers * 7 Oil Rigs * 10 Ore Nodes ----- This map is a 2 player Skirmish map. There is lots of money up for grabs. Each player starts with 3 Ore ...