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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    Looney Tunes Cartoon Fall Sound Replacement

    Looney Tunes Cartoon Fall Sound Replacement is a sound mod that replaces the mercs' falling lines with at least a Warner Bros. Falling sound effect. Just stick that folder in the custom folder and maybe it should play.

  • Mod
    Atari 2600 Joystick Wrangler

    This is a custom model for the Wrangler (both normal & festive versions) that makes it look like an Atari 2600 Joystick. This actually has being done in the past, but it doesn't work at all anymore, so I decided to have a shot at modelli...

  • Map
    Beta N/A

    My second map. It's an egypt themed map with two levels. Will update it from time to time. Feedback is welcome. You can either post feedback here, or in the map's showcase thread on TF2maps forum, or on my steam wall. Map is still work i...

  • Map
    Pl_Canyon (Old Rocket Ravine Beta)
    Beta N/A

    ATTENTION: This map has been redesigned for 24-32 player servers and updated to accommodate the new weapons released since this older version. The new version is entitled pl_rocketravine, so it's suggested that you download that instead...



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