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Precinct 84 (L4D1)

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  • Rainbow *****
    Rainbow *****

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    -Amazingly thorough! Such detailed maps.
    -Cute easter eggs!
    -I've played this map multiple times, but I still found new places to explore this time around!
    -There is just so much greatness I've forgotten it all.
    -There isn't too much of a guiding presence with the arrows, allowing the players to explore on their own, and eventually find their own way while still enjoying the scenery.


    - In the nightclub level, the nightclub itself still has the tank sounds behind the curtain, but a tank is not released anymore!
    -It is easy for a team to fail if they separate for even a moment on the last level.


    This was a MASTERFULLY crafted map. I adore all of the minute details put into this map, especially the ones in the precinct, at the end of the nightclub level and at the beginning of the last level. This is easily one of my favorite maps. It is absolutely amazing. I also enjoy how you turned the scavenger hunt from L4D2 into L4D1. Marvelous! This is just such a great campaign. I reccomend it to everyone!!!

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Version 9.1 Final

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