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Cursed and Babbling Mashup

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  • LilG

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             Custom environments with no errors/glitches.
             Custom Witch music.
             Less hordes & more balanced than the other mash up maps where you got hordes coming out of the woodwork.
             A giant robot that you take down with cannons was a cool idea,that was a nice touch. 
    Only downsides were it was a bit confusing where to go at times & I don't know if I was just unlucky but Tanks & Witches spawned a lot on each map even the finale had a Witch near a cannon & a Tank spawned in the lift as we all got in,but I managed to kill it before it could incap everyone.
    Also I'm not sure if it's a glitch but those globes on the finale caused the bots to either get incapped instantly or their health would dip into the red when a Tank would hit one at them. 
    This was a lot of fun,not too difficult,not too easy with plenty of challenges even the hordes in the finale didn't feel too difficult,felt like when you're playing Dead Center. Keep up the good work!!

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