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  • RaphasTesha

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    Challenging campaign

    I've played the 2012 version. Let's see what is new:
    - Chapter 1: nicer environment? go through street, sewer, arrive at the gun store (shut off alarm), go through street again, rush to garage
    The shut off alarm has been neft. CI spawn outside of the building instead, giving you more time to rush
    - Chapter 2 go through sewer, street, tunnel, fix computer event, start the lift and defend there, rush to the train. I feel like this chapter got darker
    The fixing computer and rush to train event got neft. The horde spawn delay is ~6s (originally ~4s), rush to the train horde has different layout and horde no longer spawn near the train
    - Chapter 3 only took 2-4m to complete. Find security card, swap card and go to saferoom
    The tanks fight nefted? I don't pay attention enough but no more horde during tanks fight
    - Chapter 4 the journy to the finale is quite linear. The finale is a defend finale, fight 2 tanks each wave. The chapter got darker and nicer lightning
    Overall the map is linear (it's a 2012 campaign), the environment looks good, nicer lightning, the difficulty has been reduce to a manageble amount (or a little bit easy)
    Classic old school campaign

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