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  • Mod
    Merciless Survivor Bots (Complete Version)

    This time, I took some experiments by improving bot's aim ability, and... Well, just as scary as its title, the survivor bots here are merciless. If I can put in difficulty level, probably they're equal to hard or advanced difficulty. Th...

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  • Mod
    Sentry Floating Turret EX replaces Baseball Bat

    This one is another variant of the existing "Sentry Floating Turret". I just did some experiments for fun because I wanted exploding laser shot, & somehow I succeeded. This EX (extreme) version has a special laser ammo that explodes only...

  • Mod
    Sentry Floating Turret replaces Baseball Bat

    Have you ever still felt insecure even when all survivor bots are standing close to you? Have you ever thought about a dependable bodyguard that can protect you even better than original bot? Well, this sentry turret custom weapon may be...

  • 6 Maps
    Dead Before Dawn (Uncut)
    Beta N/A

    "BrInG mE a BeEr, h'I nEeD a BeEeEeR, mY FaVoRiTe BrAnD iS mUdWiSeR" (c) Hank Kowalski This is a very first version of this campaign ever released before even Left 4 Dead 2 came out. It has cut from further versions tasks, randomizat...

  • Mod
    Flamethrower Replaces Official Melee

    After getting permission from the author of this cool custom weapon, I decided to upload it here. The original one is already here, & I'll link it on the linked contents. What makes this different is...this officially replaces the offici...

  • Mod
    XM215 Area Denial Device Replaces Baseball Bat

    This mod is a ported version of the original "XM215 Area Denial Device" by Mr. Rec tus that I put on linked contents. Similar to sentry turret, this one is an automatic machine in ball shape that can detect & shoot zombies. Each time it...

  • Mod
    Celestial Melee Weapons

    The melee weapons were blessed by the heaven, & now they become "Celestial Melee Weapon" that contain certain celestial powers. Now, not only zombies bring chaos to the apocalyptic world, survivors also bring salvation & descended hope f...

  • Mod
    Custom Weapon Base For Custom Maps

    A new solution to use custom scripted weapons in custom campaigns. There were 2 methods to get custom weapons work in custom maps: Combining files of custom weapon base with custom campaign to 1 vpk, which could break some crescendo eve...

  • Mod
    Custom Weapon Base

    Enables custom scripted weapons to be used in the Official Campaigns. The server/host needs to have this installed along with the weapon mods. Incompatible with other mods that modify the system scripts. Used only for the mods below.

  • Mod
    XM215 Area Denial Device

    Some kind of military prototype weapon? A round sentry turret equipped with a short range 12 gauge shotgun. The turret rotates itself to track enemies, often propelling it into the air. Notes This is a custom weapon that does not rep...

  • Mod
    Homemade Sentry Turret

    A makeshift automated sentry turret made using scrounged up supplies, and one of the numerous MAC-10 submachine guns lying around. Hold the attack button to deploy the turret. The turret will automatically fire at targets in range. Pres...

  • 4 Maps
    Diescraper Redux

    After being firebombed, the survivors must flee their safehouse, and find their way to safety. Identical to the workshop version. Supported EMS mutations: Holdout (exclusive objects included) Speedrun!! Gun Hunt Gnome Guardians N...

  • 4 Maps
    Diescraper Source Files

    Source files for the Diescraper Redux campaign. Feel free to modify and release your own variations. Note: This is not a playable mod. If you want to play the campaign, use the linked mod below. All art assets and maps are licensed und...

  • Mod
    Recurve Bow

    A custom bow weapon that fires deadly improvised broadhead arrows. Hold the fire button down to fire. Fired arrows can be picked back up again. Comes with 20 arrows. This is a custom weapon that doesn't replace any stock weapons. Inco...

  • Mod
    Improvised Pipe Shotgun (Custom Weapon)

    Hastily made bolt-action 12 gauge pipe shotgun. A powerful secondary slot weapon with heavy spread and a long reload time. This is a custom weapon that doesn't replace any stock weapons. Requires the Custom Weapon Base. Any feedback is...


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