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Nam Vet Bill created by miztaegg.
Bill is a special force 'Nam Vet, giving back him a tiger stripe camo battle dress would do it justice, I tried to get the beret color and texture right, the badge is the 5th SF Group and also gave him some wounds and blood on his face.
Version: 1.5  (Complete)
Last Updated: 02/29/12
Released: 02/29/12
Author: miztaegg
Publisher: miztaegg
File: namvet_bill.vpk  
Size: 15.47MB
Tagged: Survivors, Bill, miztaegg,
Last Updated: 02/29/12   Version: 1.5  (Complete)    
Excellent detail and texture. Works with my other mods. Very well done.
None - even the rip works.
In my time, the government gave me two sets of camo - Tiger Stripe and Woodland. For I am Bill.
Whats the map it looks nice!
I like his M4.
He looks nice with a M4 in hand
i honestly could do without the new HUD pic,i have a hud replacement,and this screws it up.the skin works fine,though.
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