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Nam Vet Bill (T-shirt version) created by arby26/miztaegg.
Reskin for arby26's Survivalist Bill, inconsistent camo/clothing implies they were gathered from some random military surplus stores. Comes with complete set of custom VGUI. Credits: arby26 for the original model and textures.
Version: 1.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/06/12
Released: 03/06/12
Author: arby26/miztaegg
Publisher: miztaegg
File: namvet_bill_tshirt.vpk  
Size: 17.26MB
Tagged: Survivors, Bill, miztaegg,
Last Updated: 03/06/12   Version: 1.2  (Complete)    
Can you please create a "survivalist" mod for the others characters ???^^ (with gloves and combat gilet ;)
This is wonderful skin! ( short and sweet review :P ) Anyways, I noticed this survivor skin allows you to see melee weapons on the back of Bill in thirdperson/thirdpersonshoulder... how'd you do that? Because if you don't know, you can't see melee weapons on any of the l4d1 survivor's backs.
miztaegg or anyone help me, when i install says that is was successfully installed but when i play i see Bill with his normal clothes, i see the gloves on first person but i dont see the clothes on third person, help me please i have the same problem with Cannibal Corpse Zoey.
First, don't double clicking the vpks, put them manually into addons folder, second, you might be having multiple skins/models for the very same survivor active in your game.
just a comment you might wanna change the leg camo acu wasn't used then but i see where you coming from great skin
+ Very nice skin + Serious black T-Shirt + Looks like Survivalist Bill version + No V arms problem + US cantines very cool and realist
- Boots shocked me the first time
Very nice skin, Good work. It's one of the best skin for Bill I ever saw.
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