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Default SMGs Re-animated created by arby26.
Different set of animations for the two SMGs. Brand new: -Draw -Shoot -Idle -Idle aiming up/down -Running -Reload -Melee -Doesn't include helping hand/item grab animations ATM since I barely ever see them in practice and don't really care for them, but if enough people want them
Version: 1.4  (Complete)
Last Updated: 11/02/12
Released: 11/02/12
Author: arby26
Publisher: arby26
File: uzi_reanim.vpk  
Size: 0.48MB
Tagged: Weapons, SMG, animated,
Last Updated: 11/02/12   Version: 1.4  (Complete)    
I'd like an HH anim
Not much better than original animations, but reloading seems to be more realistic Gun position
Floating bullet when reloading Uzi (use "host_timescale 0.1" to see what I mean) Glitched grab animations - instead of e.g. shotguns, where animations doesn't exist at all, here you can hear sound of changing position of hands, but weapon stays totally still, with no motions at all Running animations are weird Again, thumb on L4D1 Survivors' hands
If someone got too much used to default animations, he may not like this, but nonetheless it's good reanimation. It's not flawless, but I'm still using it cause those little bugs aren't too much noticeable.
Great alternative to huge, blocky vanilla guns animations ejecting shells (see cons) awesomenss
missing helping hand Ejecting shells are hard parts of the model, and this is an issue because when you rapidly fire, the ejecting shell resets on every shot, making it appear strange on the uzi, the ejecting shell can be seen floating outside of the magazine when reloading
Really awesome animations. I hardly ever notice the helping hand/item grab animations anyways, I do, however, notice the floating bullet, and it really looks bad, to be frank. So do the ejecting shells, but the animations are just plain awesome and I use them over the huge blocky default ones.
-Everything. -Realism. -Gun position. -All.
-Nothing. I don't need the helping hand/item grab animations.
A must have add-on. As always.
No fix for the slow reloading animation?
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