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Super Assault Rifles created by Agent 47.
Machine gun dismemberment, refillable ammunition, plus 1000 ammo for all assault rifles, why not? Change made on the ammunition type of every assault rifles (AK47, M16, SCAR, SG552) with machine gun ammunition type, damage to SI aren't changed. Only one shot one kill CI with body dismemberment.
Version: 0.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/23/12
Released: 01/23/12
Author: Agent 47
Publisher: agent_47
File: super_assault_rifles.vpk  
Size: 0MB
Tagged: Scripts, gameplay,
Last Updated: 01/23/12   Version: 0.1  (Complete)    
It doesn't work to me , anyone know about it please tell me
How you did it? I wanna know what you used to do this awesome mod, programs... Tell me, please, i'll be waiting!
Absolutely AMAZING! Thank you for this!
- Works like an M60 but with + 50 bullets - Fun to use - Good practise for tank hunting
- 200 bullets per clip is a bit too much.
Just fun to use if you're in a crescendo event.
More gore!
Pretty overpowered with the extra ammo A little overpowered for the CI 1-shot kills... but they're already weak as a dried leaf
It definitely is something to do a during a rainy day, and great for stress relief! The balancing issues with the ammo is the only downside... Possibly release another version that just has the shotguns, snipers, magnum and assault rifles with the one-shot CI gore splatters?
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