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This is an extension of Splinks AMAZING raptor mod for L4D2, ALL credit for them goes to him. This simply adds support for the raptors to the L4D1 survivors as well as the original L4D2 Survivors (conflicts with the original Raptor mod) It is a little buggy online, but offline it works fine KNOWN BUGS Francis sometimes holds the SMG and Shotgun Backwards Louis Sometimes has the wrong arm animation when holding guns Francis and Louis both T-Bone sometimes with the handgun T-Bone has happened for undetermined reasons, rarely lasts long All bugs are cosmetic only, does not lower their ability to function
Version: 1.1  (Final)
Last Updated: 05/02/12
Released: 05/02/12
File: VelociraptorsPlus.vpk  
Size: 9.02MB
Last Updated: 05/02/12   Version: 1.1  (Final)    
there is a glitch here, the others are raptors where ellis remains the same.
Found out about this mod by viewing a video on Youtube where some people played a map using this mod. Thought it was cool, downladed it and proceeded to play with some friends. The problem that occured from this is that the mod, installed the way that was mentioned not too much farther down, didn't seem to work for my multi-player game. :( Any idea why and how I can fix that? I had created the game, though we were apparently being hosted by a third-party (as was evidenced by the advertisement that popped up as we were starting).
+ VELOCIRAPTORS! + New Names :D + Not a ridiculously overpowering mod + Little velociraptor hands :3
- ELLIS IS BROKEN! - Names where still there even after I turned the mod off, that makes it VERY confusing to know if someone is an AI or a player - Despite the fact that Ellis is broken, he still looks like a velociraptor on the HUD - (Might be just me) I liked having the original names :(
There Velociraptors. Nuf said. Despite the really tiny flaws that are really just me nit picking, the mod is wonderful and is great to use to add a little more fun to the game. Only real problem is that ELLIS IS BROKEN! HE LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN AND STILL HAS VELOCIRAPTOR NAME!
how do you put it on your console
Are you retarded? You put it in your Addons Folder
Hey i dont know how to install this can someone help. Thank you if you helping me
put it in the addons folder, go to the harddrive folder then go into program files (x86) find steam go to steamapps, then common, the left 4 dead 2, the left4dead2 (no spaces), the addons folder then move it to that location the double click it to install
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