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  • mikeymuss669

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    - really sticks to the original design


    - lack of ammo on map 3
    - second tank got stuck on the roof just before rescue
    - no final horde after killing it
    - as mentioned lack of survivors or virgils dialogue


    From my review you might get the impression I didn't enjoy that campaign...
    On the contrary I found it beautifull. Really true to the original design. I've been following your work closely since the demo of the parish and uploading your campaigns  to my server.
    My opinion is that the gameplay on L4D is quite different than L4D2, more austere. Darker also. Not only because of the lighting. Tank really kills you if  your down and outruns you (on fire). In that spirit maybe the lack of ammo on map 3 fits (duno if it was intended).
    On the other hand, a player accustomed to L4D2 might find it less "fun" with very few throwables (no melee weapons obviously).
    My suggestion would be : maybe more gas cans and throwables (making up for the lack of ammo) and less second pistols (I think I saw 3 of those at the beginning of map 3).
    Otherwise keep up the good work. Looking forward for hard rain (my favourite with dark carnival).

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