Death Toilet Maze

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    -Maze and puzzles
    -Funny moments
    -Challenging (ish)
    -Fun finale


    -Some puzzles need to be more clear (eg glow when something is pressed)
    -Map 4 is stupid
    -Map 5 and picking the wrong door means instant death


    Map 2 I think, the numbers when pressed need to glow or something, so many times I don't know whether I pressed something or not and was stuck there for a while.
    Map 4 was just a rage quit moment after many attempts. First off who's idea was it to spawn commons and SI around map 4 at the start area, it's extremely aggravating when you can't aim at anything while in 3rd person view.
    The area with the colours and jumping on the wrong ones mean death. Super annoying especially when you know which ones to go onto BUT STILL DIE trying to jump over them. Not to mention SI there is also a stupid idea.
    Map 5 in door 8, picking the wrong one means instant death when it's totally not obvious. Which is FINE if it's like door 1 and the first one we did. Restarting and then doing all 8 again is annoying.
    Fun finale though, but I can't see it being beaten on advanced or above since there's moments with 2 tanks + horde.

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