The City That Never Dies First Level (Version 3.0)

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  • Marcusyaho

    Posted this review


    A few nice details
    You know the basics
    Zombies are actully spawning
    Not fullbright (but not far away with all the lights)


    Extremly empty
    Bad lightning
    No story
    Pretty ugly paint replacement for the map (sorry, no offence)
    Is that supposed to be office rooms?
    Floating objects
    Bad and really boring textures
    A train at the office area? I dont even...
    No enviroment sounds
    No real dialogues
    Etc... etc...


    Where do I start? This map is nothing but basics, basics and more basics. This is one of those maps you should keep to yourself as a learning experience. I understand you are proud of this and want to upload something, I did the same, but you didn't really bealive people would love this right? I really dont want to crush your mapping dreams, this is how I learned as well and I hope you dont take my review in a bad way, but you really need to learn at least a few more things before you upload your work and I will list the important errors you need to work with here.
    1: I dont think you fully understand what I mean with "Its too empty". Its still too empty even thought you lowered the roof or made the room smaller. You must add statics and physic objects! Even in the corridors... have you ever seen a building full of rooms with almost NOTHING in them in real life? You should have the offical campaigns in your mapping folder. Its easy to download them if you dont have them. Open... Dead Air offices or something like that and look around for awhile. Do they have empty rooms? No, they have wending machines, a reception, chairs, tables, desks, plants, windows, office textures, phones, computers, you name it! Not to be rude, but it does not look like office rooms.
    2: Why do you have like 100 lights? 1-3 in each room is more than enough. I dont know what is worse, a fullbright map, or this :l
    3: You should have a story. What is going on, where are the survivors and why etc. I have seriously no idea what this campaign is about and I dont like playing random coop maps without knowing what's going on. Only a few maps are "okey" without any backstories. Surfing, death run, survival and training maps for example.
    4: I found several floating objects. Like the table on screenshot 5. Also a really basic thing you need to fix.
    5: No enviroment sounds and no real dialouges is something you dont have to think of right now. Its for more advanced mappers. Focus on the basic things first.
    2/10 becasue after all, you actully tried and have a start. But its far away from good and I hope this review helped you a bit on your way to become a great mapper! Good luck :)

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