Silent Hill L4D2

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  • manishkr420

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    not for singleplayer, unplayable with bots

    no clue where to go specially when the maps are huge, bots do not pick up better weapons . i payed like one hour and was not able to find way, was moving in a circle no health kit at the startup . i have played all original campaign and many add on maps with bots on advanced difficulty and had no problem completing them but this map is totally not for single player
    • the first time i played this map i had to watch a video of someone else playing this map
    • I'll give you a little clue for map 1. The objective of map 1 is only to find 3 keys. 2 of the keys are easy to find. The last one lies somewhere & needs thorough exploration. & the healthkits are somewhere in the hidden location. One medkit is usually at the shop near the first spawn location.
    • As i said  difficulty , low supplies are not problem for me , not knowing where to go and getting stuck in very 1st map for one hour is. may be i should play this map on easy just to remember the path and then replay on advance difficulty. Thanks 4 the advice...
    • Actually it's better to try this campaign in normal difficulty first, to memorize the paths & clues. I finished this in singleplayer in normal difficulty. The lack of weapons & supplies are hard for advanced difficulty. & unlike all original campaigns that are linear & all we need is just follow the paths to reach the safehouse, custom campaigns have more variable types, like puzzles, traps, labyrinths, boss fight maps, etc. This campaign traps, puzzles, & labyrinths at once so it's considered as a difficult campaign. It's better to try campaigns with easier puzzles, traps & labyrinths first before taking this campaign. Actually "Powerstation" campaign has much higher difficulty than this, because I couldn't finish that one in normal way, while I could finish this in normal way though it took very long time to find the clues & solve the puzzles.

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  • Original : Leafo , Crash Fix : Anmamiya X
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