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The Woods 2

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    Really reliable bots
    Nice dispersal of weaps and ammo outside of map 1
    Nice difficulty
    Nice scenery - More varied than The Woods 1
    Liked the map with cemetery 
    No glitches
    Good Length


    Several dead ends
    Most of the maps look the same
    Why are there so many buses, cars and buildings in the middle of the woods?
    Really need at least one ammo spot on map 1
    Have to wait until the third map to get second pistol
    Hordes were triggered all the time for seemingly no reason.
    One of the tanks is in a bad spot off of the bridge. It gives you no real room to run away from it while you're trying to kill it and it easily corners you.
    No message on radio
    No ending cutscene, plus the truck was already there when you get there, so I don't understand why they couldn't have just driven away. 


    I'd say this is superior to The Woods 1. It's a fun 'forest highway' campaign that doesn't take long to complete. The finale may be disappointing, but this was also mirrored in the boat finale of The Woods 1. 

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