• Lab 024 (L4D)
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  • Moundsville Slammer - Valador
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  • Bricks L4D
  • Redstone Farm
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  • Cryosect
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  • Death Toilet Maze
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  • Leap!
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Download 8 'Maze / Perplex' Maps for Left 4 Dead.

  • 3 Maps

    Lab 024 (L4D)

    Lab 024 is a short custom campaign that takes you on a journey through a bunker, but as the survivors delve deeper into the bunker whilst looking for help it becomes clear things aren’t quite right… Changes from the Demo version: ...

  • 6 Maps

    Bricks L4D

    3 maps for coop: -more obstacles -more mobs -more special infected -more tanks 3 maps for survival: -no ammo -spawning weapons by timer -portals Half-Life music Omega's resource files

  • Map

    Moundsville Slammer - Valador

    Valador, Inc is proud to announce the release of Moundsville Slammer, a Left 4 Dead campaign. Created by Matt Scott, a member of the Valador design team, the campaign incorporates two game levels derived from an actual haunted location i...

  • 7 Maps



    This campaign is a work in progress. 4 of 7 maps complete. no poster as of yet. Ive been thinking of this campaign a lot lately. i hate not finishing something ive started so as of today 3/21/2019. i think its time i start working...

  • Map

    Redstone Farm


    A maze-like house offers refuge on a large but secluded farm. 'You're gonna need more than a pitchfork...' *COMPLETE 1.1 RELEASE! (small bugfix of 1.0)* Every room on all four floors of the house is different. The farmyard also has its ...

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    You have landed on the body of the xenomorph dragonfly queen, you must fight you way into the brain chamber and destroy its brain. Survive the gaunlet maze then you must conquer the 3 trials to open the brain chamber doors

  • 6 Maps

    Death Toilet Maze


    This addon is playable in L4D2. WARNING: This campaign might be difficult/frustrating. The survivors were just trying to use the toilet but something went horribly wrong. The survivors were flushed into a world of constant challenges. ...

  • Map

    The Fun House

    A map based on one off my maps The pit 2 but with a twist and more challenging and fun to play have fun and use the buttons to spawn more infected in the map. there is also a maze to get lost in and 4 miniguns over looking one of the pits.

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