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PSA: The person knows as Everice died from Covid 19 + Cancer. - Everice's Brother

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    Celestial Melee Weapons

    The melee weapons were blessed by the heaven, & now they become "Celestial Melee Weapon" that contain certain celestial powers. Now, not only zombies bring chaos to the apocalyptic world, survivors also bring salvation & descended hope f...

  • Mod

    Random Tank(Not skin)


    ATTENTION!!! A person known as Everice died from Covid-19. There will be no more further update. - Everice's brother This mod can not use together with Admin System, Loots Drop, ******' Custom Weapons, or any other mods that using VSLib...

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    Warning. Cheaty mod(doesn't disable achievements) Does not compatible with any mods that use vscripts/vslibs Works only on Singleplay and Local Host(Online Coop). Needs to play on official campaigns ____________________________________...

  • Mod

    Explosive M60

    This mod makes weapon M60 shoots an explosive bullet. also makes m60 to spawns along with other weapons(random) _______________________________________ ***Explosion bullet will not explode if shot too close. \\ ***Explosive bullet in th...

  • Mod

    Guns+ and SI+

    it's a vscripts mod. so, can't be used together with mods that alternate gameplay directly(such as Admin System) but works fine with Weapon Script mods since i didn't use weapon script files Works only on Local Host and Singleplay. Does...

  • Mod

    Augmented Bots

    This mod makes bots pretty stronger than vanilla bots Can not use together with other vscripts mods such as Rectus' Custom weapons, Admin System or any other mods of mine Mod Features - Cs weapons are unlocked - Bots have 150 shield po...

  • Mod

    Anti-Trolls System

    This mod made to prevent those team killers(aka Trolls) from killing all teammates and abuse vote system >>This mod is using vscripts. so it can not be used together with any other mods of mine or Vscripts driven mods. Such as Admin Syst...

  • Mod

    Brutal Apocalypse

    THIS MOD IS USING A VSLIBs scripts. So it might be collided some Vslibs/Vscripts mods THIS MOD DOES NOT WORK ON CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS. ⋙WARNING!!!!⋘ This mod makes the game much more difficult. if you're easy to upset or play serious, you mig...

  • Mod

    Loot Drops

    This is a vscript driven CS Weapons are unlocked, Melee included Sample Images were from testing(100% drop rate) Please at least read below ___________________________________________________________________________ Every zombies kille...

  • Mod

    Insanity Worlds

    This is a vscripts driven mod Note that this mod doesn't work on any Custom Maps or Official Servers This mod is not mutation. it can runs on every game mode _____________________________________________________________________________...

  • Mod

    Difficulty Plus

    This is a vscript driven mod, It means you can't use this mod with other vscript driven mods together ______________________________________________________________________________________ Mod Info ♦ CS weapons can be obtained from...

  • Mod

    Panic Festival

    Mod Info There is a command that turns on/off Panic Festival - !pf If Panic Festival is turn off, when Tank spawn will trigger panic event and when Witch is startled only If Panic Festival is turn on, Almost events in game such as gu...

  • Mod

    L4D Survivors Classes

    This is a vscripts driven mod This mod doesn't support any addon maps This mod unlocked all cs weapons (melee & guns) Don't forget to check if this mod doesn't conflict with any other mods, before report it doesn't work [Author always ma...

  • Mod

    Calamity Trigger(Melee)

    [New Updated: v2.2](Minority - 04-06-2016 SEA Local Time(Thailand) This mod added a new melee weapon into the game " War God's Blessing" its model based on Katana but it is not replaces Katana. This melee weapon has its own entity and ha...

  • Mod

    Blood Enhanced Weapons(Vscripts)

    [Note] **This mod doesn't support any custom maps **This mod unlocks all cs weps except melee cs weps **Make sure it doesn't conflict with any other vscripts mods **This mod only works on Singleplayer. For online coop, only works on Loca...

  • Mod

    Hell on Earth Apocalypsed

    This is WAR, Survival is your responsibility WARNING: This mod makes the game harder than you think. It's chaos out there, Almost everything is unknown. STAY TOGETHER is the best way to survive. Lose more teammates, the less chance to s...

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