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  • MaddoxX

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    Best Tank mod

    this looks like from Sourcemod i was used to play on steam group servers before. 
    but this somehow quite difference from Sourcemod ones. i mean some tanks were pretty cool, especially Gamecancer Tank. This Tank, we don't know how much its HP cuz it's some kind of 'glitch' looks like in the display and its description was wierd. not sure if this a bug or modder willing it to be like this. plus this tank has other tanks' ability(sometimes  it fires laser as Mecha, sometimes drop spitter and fire)
    anyway, this mod made my day. it gives me a challenge and new way of fighting the Tank. good work man.
    Oh can you fix where 2 Tanks sharing abilities? sometimes they don't give me a chance to type !reset especially when 'Shift Tank" and 'Death Tank' appear, they could 1 hit kill and teleport around haha

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