Explosive M60

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  • kurochama

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    Apocalypse time for zombies! Cool!

    Ok, now that I've checked the newest version & it has totally worked, I think I'll give some stars :) . "Explosion bullet that doesn't damage survivors", this is what makes this mod cool. With this type of explosion bullet, you don't have to worry when shooting a survivor who is getting caught by SI. Normally, the explosion will deal very high damage in close range or even instantly incapacitate any survivors close to it. But this mod nullifies the damage. But again, just like what in the description, use at your own risk because the explosion may hit gascan during scavenge finale on certain campaigns or propane & oxygen tanks. & some objects can fly when hit by the explosion.
    Well, good job on the hard works of fixing this several times until it finally worked :) . I look forward to the next mods :) .

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Version 1.2 Complete

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