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  • Nothing like other maps this days

    100% Amazing. Very detailed and somewhat long. Custom textures and models. 54 minutes (normal). I just wanted to have a quick game. Chapter 2 can't wait.

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  • 5 Maps
    The Evil Within

    Inspired By The Evil Within Info: Enable Hints L4D2 Characters 5 Maps Custom Music Boss Fight 4 Easter Eggs Console Code: Map1 w4e1_basement Map2 w4e2_asylum Map3 w4e3_keeper Map4 w4e4_mansion Map5 w4e5_evil C...

  • 4 Maps

    Map Info: -L4D1 Characters -Enable Hints -Red Sky -2nd & 3rd map inspired by Scarlet Nexus -2 Easter Eggs Map Console Code: Map1: btm1_apartment Map2: btm2_construction Map3: btm3_hospital Map4: btm4_tomb Credits: I do not own anything...

  • 4 Maps
    Plague Tale

    Inspired by A Plague Tale Innocence MAP INFO: - 4 Maps - L4D1 Characters - 2 Easter Eggs - Enable Hints CONSOLE CODE: - Map1: pt_home1 - Map2: pt_village2 - Map3: pt_retributution3 - Map4: pt_conclusion4 Credits: I do not own anything...

  • 4 Maps

    Inspired by Code Vein Travel through the city of ruins where everything is dead. IMPORTANT NOTE: - Low settings will crash the map. Campaign Details: - 4 Maps - No Saferoom Credits: I Don't own anything I used from my map. All rights...

  • 3 Maps

    [Campaign Detail] After the pilot left because of the zombies, the survivors need to head to the mines and reach to the otherside for resuce. [Models and Textures} - Custom models are used from Garry's Mod - Textures are used from Gen...

  • 3 Maps
    Tokyo Dark

    Campaign Details: This is map is based of Tokyo Dark. This has nothing to do with Japan. I was just trying to replicate from the game. Since the game is in 2d the map itself is really linear. That is something I can't really change. I ...

  • Mod
    Lucina Voice For Rochelle

    Lucina from Fire Emblem voice for Rochelle. Requirements: -GCFScape ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steps: 1. Drag the vpk into GCFScape 2. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\...

  • 3 Maps
    Below Surface

    The survivors are trapped below the mines and they need to make their way to the surface to get to the boat. IMPORTANT! THERE IS CUSTOM MUSIC IN THIS. SAFE ROOM MUSIC, BLEEDING OUT, FINALE MUSIC, CREDIT MUSIC, DEATH MUSIC, RESUCE VEHIC...

  • 4 Maps
    Night Presence

    A Forest, A Sewer, An Ocean, and A Rescue. What else do you want to know? Models: They are from Garry's Mod. I do not own them, all rights belong to the creator. Easter Eggs: 3 Patreon: Kryogen_ (Link will be in the changelog) Also on...

  • Mod
    Umi Sonoda Voice For Bill

    Replace Bill's voice with Umi Sonoda. Making the l4d1 character voice was different from the l4d2 characters. This exhausted me so much. 3 more to go... uhhhh! Make sure you have GCFSCAPE! Instructions: 1. Decompile the vpk file usin...

  • Mod
    Honoka Kousaka Voice For Zoey

    The leader of μ‘s has finally arrived. Make sure to have GCFSCAPE and decompile the vpk file. Remember to also type "snd_rebuildaudiocache" in the console after replacing the files. Also on the steam workshop.

  • Mod
    Rin Hoshizora Voice For Francis

    The cat is now here. Nya (meow), that's how Rin ends her sentences. Have GCFSCAPE. There are 3 dlc folders. I have no clue which one to replace, so I replaced the dlc2 and dlc3 voice folder. I then took bits of the voice files and repl...

  • Mod
    Kotori Minami Voice For Louis

    Kotori Minami is here. Make sure to have GCFSCAPE and decompile the file. I replaced the 2 folders in the dlc2 and dlc3 voice folder, and took bits of the files and replaced it in the dlc1 folder voice. Make sure to type "Snd_rebuildau...

  • Mod
    Nico Yazawa Voice For Ellis

    There's a Nico Model, there's a Nico Zombie. Why not a Nico Voice for Ellis. Remember you cannot just subscribe to it. Use GCFSCAPE to decompile the vpk file and replace Ellis voice (mechanic) in the voice folder. After that Snd_rebuil...

  • Mod
    Eli Ayase Voice For Rochelle

    Replace Rochelle voice with Eli Ayase. Remember you can not just install it. You need to use "GCFSCAPE" to decompile the vpk file. Replace Rochelle voice (producer), in the voice folder with this one. Remember to type in the console "...


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