Plague Tale

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  • kurochama

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    It feels like going back to medieval era

    This campaign feels like going back to medieval era with medieval buildings. Bot navigation is fine & directions are clear. Supplies are enough. The finale has a kind of unique rescue unit.
    Map 1 has no problem. Survivors only need to explore some medieval buildings & go through the woods. The wood section would be better if it's explorable, either just for special infected or all. On my test on the new version, the special infected could only appear & walk to the path. It would be more challenging if they can ambush from the wood. Then, the raft event at the end of the map is kind of challenging. There's ammo piles on the raft so players don't have to worry about running out of ammo during raft event. & beware of smoker & charger.
    Map 2 on the new version has more explorable rooms. For the doors of the explorable rooms, I think it would be better to use the medieval textures on the doors (if possible) or medieval doors just like the other closed doors. There's an event at the end of the map, but no need to worry as the area is wide enough & there are many places to camp during event.
    Map 3 is also about exploring medieval buildings & areas. Probably map 3 needs some events, as survivors just need to go forward & follow the paths. Probably, if possible or there are some textures about trebuchet or medieval artillery or cannon, it would be more fun to add an event about destroying a big wooden door with medieval weapons, just like in movies about kingdom wars. The destroyed door makes a loud sound so either survivors have to run to the saferoom or defend until the panic events end. Some objectives about collecting the trebuchet ammo before launching the attack would be good too.
    Map 4 is straight to the finale event. It's a holdout finale just like the first version. The new version now has glow on the rescue unit so players can figure out where the rescue point is. There are some good place to camp here. Unfortunately, most buildings are inaccessible so most camping areas are outdoor.
    In short, this campaign is a good one to play alone or with friends while enjoying the medieval settings. Some places still have potentials to be improved with more explorable areas or events, as medieval theme usually has lots of mysteries like secret switches, secret rooms etc & the author can implement those in this campaign if he wants. Well, I look forward to the next updates.

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    • Thanks for the update. You really have a lot of time and effort to put in reviews.
    • Well, I'll try to check it tonight in my free time.

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    • Well, thanks for the review. I will take in some of the consideration. 
      Oh, by any chance would you happen to review my map, Ruins, just for the sick of it. Might be annoying for me to ask.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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