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  • kurochama

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    Short but fun

    I downloaded this campaign long time ago & forgot to leave a review. I played this several times because it's kind of fun to go on a journey in minecraft & mario worlds.The only problem is the bot navigation on map 2 near the saferoom. They usually fall to death when crossing the small bridges to the saferoom. Other than that, the supplies are enough & the hints are clear. Supplies are also good.
    In overview, this campaign consists on some item finding missions on minecraft world & avoiding some traps & thrown rocks in Mario world. The box with "?" sign has something in it, & the method to open the box is the same as Mario game. The finale is about going back to the map 1 & defend there until the rescue unit arrives. There are some good spot to camp.
    In short, it's good to play for fun. Don't worry about traps, as there's no deadly trap or frustrating trap.
    • Remind me of Left 4 Mario. For this i might gonna try.

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