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  • SerenityRose

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    a fun and challaging map.

    Let me start by saying this.
    this was a fun map to play and I enjoy every minute of it.
    I only have to complains (or nitpicks.) about this map.
    1) on map one it's not clear where you have to go you might find the bomb first or the wall but won't know what to do.
    it would be great if the area you need to go or the item you need to get was highlighted. but it doesn't take long to find it regardless.
    2) the gate on the second map is so slow.
    so you need to push all 4 buttons to get the chance to open the gate but the bar for opening it is so slow (even with Adrenaline and if you stop opening the gate to deal with a common or a special (or if a charger hit the wall near you) you have to start all over again.
    the reason number too can be seen as a nitpick is cuz there's a great chance that you'll only see one charger.
    but overall a great map.
    I give it a 4 out of 5 stars despite the small problems it's still a great map to play. 
    Recommended Difficulty: Easy/Normal/Advance. (it all depends on how well you can handle yourself.)
    also, it's a good idea to play with other people as the bots catch on the ledge too much or fall to their death to easily.

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