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  • EshmawyMan

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    Thank you! long review + hints for passing on Expert Single Player

    I did enjoy your campaign! Finished it in 21 hours, 39 minutes and 6 Restarts. 
    First chapter went so smooth and I completed it from first time although we encountered a tank only few steps after moving out from safe room, but enough space was there to fight. Later on, a witch was waiting on the way down the ground and a gas can took care of it :) The panic was there due to the fact it was my first time playing and didn't believe I finished it from first time.
    Second chapter was the easiest of them all. However, I died once on it while moving up that big staircase as hordes were coming while I got incapacitated by a smoker and realized on the second time that I was pretty close to safe room. I love pretty big spaces where we are able to glance incoming hordes from a distance and take cover.
    Third chapter / Finale was the worst & the longest. I restarted it 5 times. I loved the big space we got to fight and long tunnels we went through. I knew we would either meet a tank, a witch or even both on the same chapter. You made that chapter long in a really bad way. Luckily I didn't care much about the crate with the missing key and I moved on searching for whatever I should search for to move on that chapter and was shocked to see how long I had to go through, especially those sunken tunnels that I moved through to complete the circle and get back again to where I was but from up there fetching the drill. Everytime I went up that area using ladders, I lose 1-2 bots because they kept falling everytime they jumped there. That navigation error was about to contribute to a really bad review & rating plus the fact it's a long chapter that ends with a finale to fight. I totally respect how you added a spawning closet on each chapter including this chapter. As for the key for the crate, I realized it's there from the comments and I thought it was an error. I never imagined that there were 2 routes, one to right and another to left, before the crate position as I thought it was a big hole on both sides and only zombies could climb it to get to us. So it was really enough for me to get the drill and open the door. I even thought it was there ahead after the door I open with drill so I moved ahead, but just found it was nothing after I moved down that cliff. It looked so realistic to me and I loved the look of yachet. I thought it would be safe enough up there where there are 4 flying rooms thinking that we would control hordes coming from anywhere, but it came out to be the worst spot to camp and even bots fell twice off those ladders after we climbed up and I revived them with some commands. I tried on two attempts to camp on that gas truck bringing bots with me, but once tanks came, we wouldn't be able to do anything besides the coming of special infected. Tanks literally blocked the way to move outside that spot to the open wide space with ladders. Tanks incapacitated us twice while standing there and this is out of 5 restarts I made on that chapter. As for crate key, I realized that I should take the left route first to go down using that ladder by the end of left route, then take the chainsaw that wasn't a chainsaw used as a weapon, but used as a tool to open the door on the other side which can be reached by going to the right route before the crate going down using a ladder too. You made it really long slowing us down by water that was everywhere. It really looked new and awesome to me watching that chainsaw cutting that metal and even cutting zombies behind that fence calling more zombies to come. So going for two panic events and a long way between both, then ending with a finale was really bad. I didn't care or even search for that key to crate as I luckily moved on to the second part for drill and I thought I would find both on the same way, but I finally found only drill and opened the door to move on. I lost on the second panic event. as I was alone while bots died or were incapacitated. I lost twice while being up there beside ammo pile on the same level with those 4 rooms as hordes were crazy enough to come from different spots. They even came from down there by ladders where I thought I would camp on one of them and fight, but director was more intelligent than us as they really made me busy with them coming from different spots and specials were coming in row without stopping and even with shorter gap between the spawning of next special infected. I even thought there were 2 specials of the same kind. A ****** spot was behind that wooden big box where you may expect a special infected will spawn. 
    Comments also told me that there was an elevator panic event on chapter 2, but it seems that you removed it and replaced it with those big ladders and staircases or made it longer than it was when that chapter got elevator panic event and bots issues made you replace it mostly. Here is how I managed to do it and I was totally alone after the death of all bots. I was fighting two tanks all alone while special infected were spawning two by two and I was killing special infected while shooting tanks setting one on fire. I really hated the spawning of 2 tanks at the same time besides the insane spawning of hordes, but had to do my best. After the death of bots, I moved to the last spot one would expect to camp or stay in which was up there in the green trench between two higher areas before the slope that brings us to the metal area with ladders. That area was the last to expect due to the thought that hordes would come from behind us and we would die quickly. On the contrary, all hordes along with special infected including tanks came from those 4 rooms up there and none came from behind. When I was alone, 1 tank spawned right beside me on the high part where bushes exist and where I thought zombies would come while the second tank was coming from down there and I can't believe I survived that fight while rocks were thrown. It was a close call. The best about this campaign was surprising me after the death of two tanks that the finale ended and rescue came which meant that we only have to fight two tanks together on 1 round instead of two tanks, one tank on each round. After the death of the second tank, I found I could get on yachet. I was like WOW. I did it and alone. No more restarting that long chapter :) This is so unique about your campaign making the finale 1 round with two tanks instead of two rounds with one tank included on each one. That really helped giving you better rate. Thank you & keep it up! Please avoid making long finale chapters. Good Luck!

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