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Download 8 'Shotguns' Mods.

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    Sonic&Shadow Scattergun

    Team colored scattergun with Sonic for BLU team and Shadow for RED team. Let me know if there is any problem downloading, installing,... Know bugs: conflict with botkillers and australium shows BLU scattergun

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    Remington 870

    Remington 870's for the Scattergun. Test before you rate please! PURPLE AND BLACK SQUARES AREN'T IN THE SKIN!!!! THAT'S SOMETHING ELSE!!!!! Sounds should work now and also the sprite should work.

  • Mod

    Lever Rifle

    This was for my polycount pack thingy thing and I never actually got time to finsihing it. Well... Lol..... xxxx <3 A lot of people have been asking for it so yeah.... Here you go. Have it. Enjoy it. It's very good but I guess some peopl...

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    Chirumiru Popper

    Now your Scout can LEVEL UP! On each kill. A Chirumiru Popper comes with 2 colors for different classes. Idea came from Touhou

  • Mod

    Tactical Force-a-Nature

    Added and modified some bits to make it look more.. Tactical It took awhile to think of the things I could put on this, and nothing looked good on it. So I kept the rail by itself.


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