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Blight Path created by Lou Saffire.
Lou Saffire presents... After leaving America in Dead Air, Bill and the gang find themselves locked in on a 'Blight Path' over Beijing originally for the china contest,first play turn game instructor on, please check change-log before playing.3.0 released
Version: 3.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 09/10/11
Released: 09/10/11
Author: Lou Saffire
Publisher: lousaffire
Maps: 3/3
Map Size: X-large
Max Players: Not Specified
File: blight_path_ls.vpk  
Size: 176.13MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Last Updated: 09/10/11   Version: 3.0  (Complete)    
- Nice and big maps - Crazy soldiers shooting at you - Dead Air related
- Impossible to complete last map with 2 or 3 bots on realism
I really felt like playing after Dead Air, i like that mixing with default campaign, soldiers shooting you and dropping AKs is awesome, i wouldnt mind having 5 maps instead 3, even being x-large. The only problem is final map with bots. Please do more chinese maps!
This comment has been removed by the developer.
- love the chinese atmosphere - the witch wearing a cheongsam! GREAT! - the use of L4D1 survivors is suitable - free AKs from killing soldiers; hell yeah! - nice idea of making molotovs by inserting cola bottles into car petrol engines
- finale was kind of hard and long - having soldiers that can shoot you? really?!
Neat campaign. However, I think that the soldiers being able to shoot you is rather annoying. Also, the cola bottles idea isn't really such a good one but it's creative because car petrol engines spawn REALLY far from the cola bottles' position and a person would have to carry it all the way to the car. A player could just find their own molotovs instead of taking the risk of being defenseless carrying some cola bottles. Either way, still average.
Thank you koala for the most punishing mild disappointment ever witnessed.

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Great map !
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