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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Default Autoshotguns Reanimated
Default Autoshotguns Reanimated created by arby26.
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My own animations for the autoshotguns. New position on screen, SPAS-12 stock unfolded *The twitchy transition between draws and reloading to idle is fixed in the download* *Reload speed is faster than in the video and SPAS-12 now pulls the charging handle*
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 12/06/11
Released: 12/06/11
Author: arby26
Publisher: arby26
File: ashotguns_reanim.vpk  
Size: 0.51MB
Tagged: Weapons, Shotguns,
Very good animations Very Realistic Does Not Block The Screen
No Version Without Spas Replacement Nothing Else Really
Great Mod, Needs Version Without Spas Replacement
-Great mod -cool awesome -keeping -
-on the autoshotgun there is a piece over the gun
great mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful animations, but what I liked most and that you have stored the SPAS-12. For the rest it's all good
No comment.
I'll give you a nice 100 and I hope that you will create other animation (particularly for weapons in Counter Strike)
-New animations, fluid and smooth at most parts. -they're, right off the bat better than valves. -Unfolded stock, always a favorite of mine. -a more natural reload.
With the unfolded stock comes, a very odd looking texture where it use to be, it's not your fault, I'm just pointing it out. The spaz's reload is a bit jerky and, weird to view, I'm not sure how else to explain it. On draw, the thumb and left hand in general seem rather, robotic and uninvolved, which is rather awkward to look at, especially with custom hands.
All in all, It's a decent skin, I'd recommend downloading it over valve's default animations, but, perhaps make separate VPK's for people who like to mix and match their weapons, it could be nice. Thanks for another re-animation, I look forward to the next.
-really a super mod -feels really horny - makes it more fun to play with the auto shotgun
I can only recommend the mod, all perfect mods from arby sond
Last Updated: 12/06/11 Version: 1.1  (Complete) Views: 29,061
The only problem I have is that there is an actual model for the spas 12 that has the folded down stock. The only problem is that it comes with these animations, and since the other shotgun isn't separate you cannot have both. :c
I'm just asking but does this work with modded versions of the shotguns?
You need to know about extract vpks and combine them.
Can anyone remove the shadow from the SPAS fold?

I want to keep the default look
Can you explain to me more please?
I want the non spas version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome, now it need matching models in Third person! :D
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