• Dead Air Modified
    🏆 4
  • Urban Flight
    🏆 7
  • 教区暴雨版/The Parish Storm Mode
  • Arena of the Dead 2
    🏆 5
  • Swamp Fever - Night (Version 6.2)
    🏆 2
  • No Parking
    🏆 5
  • Badwater Basin
    🏆 4
  • The DISTINCTIVE Map Version 2.5.6
  • Welcome to Hell
    🏆 7
  • 巷战(1.1)/Alley War (1.1)
    🏆 1
  • Road To Nowhere 2
    🏆 4
  • 坠机险途暴雨版/Crash Course Storm Mode
  • 沼泽激战暴雨版/SwampFever Storm Mode
  • 刺骨寒溪暴雨版/Cold Stream Storm Mode
  • Ceda Fever
    🏆 3
  • The DISTINCTIVE Map 2 Beta Channel (V0.6.1)
  • Day Break
    🏆 9
  • Sector-74: March of the survivors
    🏆 6
  • Deadly Dispatch
    🏆 4

Download 160 'Scavenge' Maps for Left 4 Dead 2.

  • 15 Maps

    Sector-74: March of the survivors


    TRAILER WALKTHROUGH Chapter 1 to 15 are still being updated/tweaked/improved etc. etc. (new updates follow in the future for better gameplay) Chapter 13 to 15 still need allot of tweaking, fixing, bugfixing, gameplay cha...

  • 3 Maps

    牺牲暴雨版/Sacrifice Storm mode

    --- The three maps of "Sacrifice" have seen periodic rainstorms --- If you want to create a map using the console: c7m1_docks_storm c7m2_barge_storm c7m3_port_storm Bill,I wish you a good journey! ---“牺牲”的三张地图都有周...

  • 4 Maps

    沼泽激战暴雨版/SwampFever Storm Mode

    --- Periodic rainstorms will come in the swamp --- If you need to build a drawing of the console c3m1_plankcountry_storm c3m2_swamp_storm c3m3_shantytown_storm c3m4_plantation_storm ---沼泽地会有周期性的暴雨 ---如果需要控制台进入...

  • 3 Maps

    Ceda Fever

    CEDA is nowhere to be found. The survivors are forced to traverse back through the city to the next nearby evac center. The Union Tech building. They'll have to traverse over rooftops, abandoned streets and trashed apartments to get ther...

  • 6 Maps

    The DISTINCTIVE Map 2 Beta Channel (V0.6.1)


    THIS IS NOT A FINAL VERSION!!! 中文 Chinese 请查看更新日志以获取更新详情。 此频道用于发布测试版。标题上的版本号代表当前版本。 当前版本: 0.6.1 欢迎在评论区留言。 关于地图 ———————————— 地图并没有开发完成!!! 本地图重新打造了...

  • 3 Maps

    The Sacrifice: Night Edition

    Simple update to fix some small bugs, this map is now final and will not receive anymore updates unless necessary. A simple conversion of The Sacrifice from daytime to nighttime, as requested by Martinsonoda_145. This won't replace...

  • 3 Maps

    巷战(1.1)/Alley War (1.1)

    丧尸围城,幸存者只能想办法逃离这座城市,但是他们发现只有巷道才能让他们较为安全地逃离…… 这是我本人第一张原创的战役图,整体流程比较简单,中途的路线会随机变化,但是不影响到达终点,希望玩得愉快! 如果有发现任何错误,请及时提醒我,我会尽快...

  • 3 Maps

    Dark Sacrifice: The Scarifice (Darkest Night Ve...

    I'm sorry bill, I LOVE YOU!!! A darkest version for sacrifice,the darkness not bring bill back, but also take you... feature: just darkness, dark sky, compelete dialougues for characters, a creepy darkest night enjoy the darkness~

  • Map

    Surviving the Holidays

    It's the most wonderful time of the year, unless you're in a zombie apocalypse, and it's snowing. Well, it's Christmas Eve and the zombie horde has descended on the Township of Cape Anne, and sure enough, it's snowing. Our survivors find...

  • Map

    No Parking


    Lou Saffire presents... Bill and the crew made it to the passing , but they never mentioned they met Whitaker along the way... A Left for dead 2 community subplot. Version 2.0 (10/25/2013) Hints recommended for first playthroug...

  • 4 Maps


    The town has been shrouded in black mist. Escape! 小镇被迷雾笼罩,赶紧逃脱! 这是我第一次尝试做冲锋的救援,可能会有bug,希望你们玩的开心。 特别鸣谢,烈峰老师,ty老师,晨浅虪醒 已经更新1.2版本,如果有bug和建议可以继续提,后续会统一继续修...

  • 4 Maps

    The DISTINCTIVE Map Version 2.5.6

    中文 Chinese 本此更新主要是优化地图性能和修复问题。 还有,在此次更新之后,地图支持所有的基础模式(合作、对抗、生还者、清道夫)。 所以,你可以游玩大多数突变模式,比如说:钢铁侠、梦魇、Taaannnkk!、限量发放,等等。 但是,以下游戏模式地图不...

  • Map


    这是我的第二张地图,这里作一个小更新,对已经更新到了2.6 地图会跟图片里的不一样,我指的是关于天气的问题,环境不变,也更改了一些关于nav的问题和尸潮,资源等等 祝你玩的愉快,已经增加了stringtable,防止闪退,也请玩的玩家期待以后出的confusion3...